Native Animals

Our law says “don’t take more than you need”

The dragonfly and the little yellow butterfly tells us the dry season is just around the corner and food is ready for harvest.

When the spear grass is tall and green and starts to flower we know that the yams and magpie geese eggs are ready to harvest.

In the right seasons animals have plenty of fat, they are abundant and of good size.

Our country is rich country. In the right season the swamp gives us magpie geese and their eggs. There are flying fox in the jungles and wallabies around the edges. In the tall forest and even in the mangroves there is sugarbag honey. We find kangaroos in the open forest and in rocky country.

Our law says “don’t take more than you need”.

We feel upset when we see bycatch from commercial fishing left to rot, or recreational fishers throwing away the meaty skeletons of barramundi after taking off fillets. This insults our totems, makes us ashamed and unhappy.


Healthy Country Plan

We know that the land needs its people to care for it and to keep it healthy. In the same way we know that caring for the country keeps us healthy - physically, spiritually and mentally.

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