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Jan . 12 . 2021
Ehrlichiosis in dogs

Is your dog unwell? Does it have a fever, is tired, not eating well and is skinny, have cloudy blue eyes, runny, mucky eyes and nose, or is bleeding from the nose, eyes or gums?

If so, they may have a new disease called ehrlichiosis, which is spread by Brown Dog Ticks. Ehrlichiosis has been found in Bulman and Gove and may now be in Ramingining.

Dogs can die from this disease and rangers have had reports of four healthy dogs that have died suddenly without any injuries. They could have been infected with ehrlichiosis.

What should you do?
Can people get sick?

  • If your dog has symptoms - particularly bleeding from the nose, eyes or gums - or dies suddenly, please let rangers know.
  • Check your dogs every day for ticks.
  • Give your dog regular tick treatment.
  • Don’t take your sick dog to other communities.

  • Sick dogs do not transmit this disease to people.
  • In rare cases, ticks may infect people. If you get sick after being bitten by a tick, go to the medical clinic.
  • Please let rangers know as soon as possible if your dog has symptoms or dies suddenly!

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