Our Vision

Healthy country, healthy tucker and healthy families

Healthy Country Plan

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Healthy country, healthy tucker and healthy families living on our homelands. The right people speaking for country. Passing knowledge from the old to the young. Strong ceremony, family and language for country.

Two toolboxes

To care for our country the right way, we listen to everyone’s story and put two toolboxes and two knowledges together – our way and Balanda science way.

Our indigenous toolbox holds the knowledge from our ancestors — how to manage country through right way fire, how to live off the land without taking too much, how to read signs that tell us whether country is healthy or sick and, importantly, how to maintain the ceremonies and kinship laws that keep culture and country strong.

We also draw on science when we need to help us deal with the new problems like weeds and feral animals. We look to new technology to help us like using satellite mapping to see how fire is affecting country. We use helicopters to put in place our early dry season burning.

Healthy Country

We plan, gather resources and act together to look after land, sea and freshwater effectively and to facilitate each ranger group’s special responsibilities.

We have a Healthy Country Plan which outlines our vision, strategy and road map to show how we get from where we are today to where we want to be in the future.

We have grown strong and with our plan in front of us. We are making our own futures on our own country and following in the footsteps of our Old People.

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Healthy Country Plan

We know that the land needs its people to care for it and to keep it healthy. In the same way we know that caring for the country keeps us healthy - physically, spiritually and mentally.

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