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Our people have been managing the country since our ancestral beings gave us the land, our languages and our culture

Photo Bobby Bunungurr

Our people have been managing this country since our ancestral beings gave us the land, our languages and our culture. But the world we live in has changed. Our way of life has changed and we have new ways of managing our lands, along with new threats.

We’ve been involved in contemporary land management across the Arafura Swamp catchment area since the 1970s, including working with cattle stations, community organisations and other work programs.

From 2007, the Northern Land Council delivered Working on Country (WOC) contracts through Arafura Swamp area ranger groups. This provided all ranger groups with a source of consistent funding for ongoing operations and paid positions.

We are connected to country. We keep culture and language strong wherever our homelands are. By keeping culture and stories then we can pass it on to children. Not only our story, but healthy country too.

-Bobby Bunungurr

Today, we are operating independently under our own corporation to work with traditional owners and keep our indigenous knowledge strong to make sure it is being used to look after country.

The Arafura Swamp Rangers Aboriginal Corporation comprises five ranger groups that together look after the Arafura Swamp, its catchment and adjacent sea country.

The Ranger Groups

The ranger groups bring together traditional indigenous knowledge and western scientific knowledge to look after country across inland, freshwater and swamp areas.

Donydji Rangers
Mirrngandja Rangers
Wurrungguyana Rangers
Balmawirrey Dhipirri Rangers
Gurruwiling Rangers
Wanga Djakamirr Rangers
Dhupuwamirri Rangers

Healthy Country Plan

We know that the land needs its people to care for it and to keep it healthy. In the same way we know that caring for the country keeps us healthy - physically, spiritually and mentally.

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